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CLAW Frequently Asked Questions

Health and Vaccine Statement
December 31, 2022

Health and Vaccine Viewpoint

After reviewing local, state, and federal data and guidelines, we have updated our COVID-19 vaccine requirements to the following for CLAW events going forward:

  • Proof of Vaccination not Required to Attend: We are not requiring proof of vaccination to enter our events.
  • Vaccination is strongly recommended: Being up to date on vaccine and booster shots is the best way to protect yourself from the effects of COVID and to reduce the likelihood of passing it on to someone else. If you want the best protection from a covid, flu, or MPOX vaccine, you should complete the shot or series 10-14 days before our event.
  • Masks: We do not require wearing masks during our event, but if you feel wearing a mask would benefit your risk levels, we encourage you to wear them at your discretion.
  • Sanitize your hands frequently: We encourage you to be conscious of the shared surfaces you are touching and the potential transfer of germs it could present. Please wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly and use hand sanitizer as you see fit.
  • Stay home if you are ill: If you are sick or have symptoms of any communicable illness, have been in contact with someone known or suspected of having COVID within 10 days of an event, or are subject to a quarantine or isolation order, please stay home. As much as we want you to be with us for the weekend, we prefer you get well and help us prevent potential spread to attendees.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we navigate this novel virus.

Because local and national guidelines and information are known to change, we reserve the right to update our guidelines and requirements as we lead up to any event. We will do our best to share changes as they happen and provide flexibility with attendees. As a risk aware community, we thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Site and Event Policies

CLAW has a 0% tolerance for illegal drugs at our event. If you think you might have a problem with crystal, heroin, cocaine or other party drugs, visit Partnership to End Addiction.