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Progress to $16,000: $16,000 (updated 2024-APR-14)

From the beginning, CLAW has donated our profits to other community charities, usually “leather” charities like the Leather Archives & Museum, or LGBTQ charities in Cleveland, like the LGBTQ Center of Greater Cleveland.

After CLAW 19, the CLAW Board distributed a record $86,000 to community charities, bringing us to $969,500 donated and leaving us only $30,500 away from a million dollars donated. We all assumed we’d pass that milestone the following year.

The COVID19 pandemic prevented us from reaching that magical 7-digit figure – until now. During these past four years, CLAW has donated just over $14,000 to our charities, leaving us $16,000 away from our million-dollar celebration.

We'd like to reach $1,000,000 donated with the help of the CLAW 24 attendees. Please read about the 21 organizations we support and consider making donation in any amount to one or more of them here: We will forward those donations, and display our running total this weekend as – together – we reach a million dollars donated!

Information about the CLAW Charities

The Two Original Beneficiaries of CLAW:

[1] Leather Archives & Museum

Compiles, preserves, archives and makes available our community history. Chicago building serves as a leather community center, museum, archive, research facility and more.

Has received the largest share (approx. 20%) of CLAW's $1,000,000 of donations

[2] LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland

Provides a wide range of services to Cleveland-area LGBTQ communities.

Has received the second largest share (approx. 12.5%) of CLAW's $1,000,000 of donations

National Leather Charities:

[3] Leather Heart Foundation

Provides emergency financial assistance to community members across the country

[4] Team Friendly

Community volunteers fighting stigma of HIV through messages of love and support, effective conversation starters and a diverse product line


Supports excellence in the study of alternative sexualities through research, mentoring, a reading group, CLAW C2C conferences, a research advisory committee, an institutional review board and disseminating research results

[6] National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF)

Advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions

[7] Tom of Finland Foundation

Active community center in Los Angeles that protects, preserves, documents and educates about erotic art and erotic artists

[8] Woodhull Freedom Foundation

Affirms sexual freedom as a fundamental human right and produces annual Sexual Freedom Summit

Cleveland Area LGBTQ and AIDS Charities:

[9] Prince of Peace Neighborhood Center

Nurtures 600 families in Cleveland's Stockyard neighborhood through computers, gardens and other support

[10] Equitas Health - BRAVO Program

Offers culturally specific services and support for LGBTQI victims of violence

[11] AIDS Task Force of Greater Cleveland

Provides compassionate, collaborative response to HIV/AIDS

[12] Trials for Hope

Provides backpacks to LGBTQ+ Youth in crises including all day bus passes, flash lights, street cards to shelters and services, snacks and more

[13] Cleveland Aquatic Team

Fosters physical health and fitness and community-building within the LGBT community and straight allies

[14] Equality Ohio Education Fund

Educates Ohio about LGBTQ equal opportunity

[15] B. Riley Sober House

LGBTQ+ sober living facility in Cleveland providing all a temporary, safe, affirming, recovery orientated living space

[16] Plexus

Improves the workplace environment for LGBTQ individuals through education, research and development, enriching the entire community

[17] Rock n Roll Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Promotes safer health practices and elimination of hate, stigma, prejudice, ridicule and discrimination

[18] Ursuline Piazza

Education and support for low-income, chemically dependent, minority, or mental health suffering HIV+ Clevelanders

[19] Cleveland Pride Band (was Blazing River)

Promotes community music in Cleveland

[20] Out Support

LGBTQ grass roots activism in rural counties near Cleveland

Other CLAW Charities:

[21] Rainbow Railroad

Helps persecuted LGBTQI individuals travel to safety as they seek a safe haven from state-enabled harassment and violence

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