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Leather Getaway 23 • November 22-26, 2023 • Los Angeles, CA
CLAW 24 • Spring 2024 • Cleveland, OH

Sustaining Sponsorships

one event/6 months

6-month Sustaining

both events/year-round

12-month Sustaining
* Not sold separately: this is an exclusive benefit of Sustaining and Master Sponsors
Advertising/Networking Benefit One Event ($1500) Both Events ($2200)
Your logo/link (100x100) on all CLAW e-blasts* 6 months 12 months
Your logo/link (100x100) on web pages* 6 months 12 months
Your banner ad (600X125) in CLAW e-blasts 3 e-blasts 7 e-blasts
Your feature ad in body of CLAW e-blast 600x600; 1/year 600x1000; 2/year
Your banner ad (940x200) on homepage 6 months 12 months
Your full-page ad in CLAW or Leather Getaway Yearbook One event Both events
Your ad/insert in run bags (2000+ pieces/event) One event Both Events
Leather Getaway 23/CLAW 24 Package (transferable) One event Both Events
Sponsorship thanks in print and over microphone One event Both Events
Invitation to Fetish Alliance VIP Party (includes your guests) One event Both Events

Master Sponsorships

one event/6 months

6-month Master

both events/year-round

12-month Master

Includes all Sustaining Sponsorship benefits plus:


  • Double sized logo/links on CLAW e-blasts and web pages
  • Logo/links placed at the top of e-blasts and web pages
  • E-blast banner ads -- One event: 10 e-blasts (instead of 3); Both events: 24 e-blasts (instead of 7)
  • Premium Placement of Yearbook ads

Additional Advertising Benefits

  • Your name/link in signature line of all emails sent by CLAW President Bob Miller
  • Master Sponsors logo placement in national, international and local advertising
  • Master Sponsors included in most press releases
  • Tailored ad benefits: we work with you to maximize your advertising investment

Master Sponsor Benefits

  • Personalized, Collaborative Content in the events schedule
  • Leather Getaway 23/CLAW 24 Event Sponsorship (up to $2000 value)
  • Complimentary Vendor Space: LA Leather Getaway 23 (10'x10'); CLAW 24 (8'x8')
  • Two tickets and VIP reserved seating at the International Leather Family Dinner

Special Offer for Master and Sustaining Sponsors

Full Page Ad in The Fight Magazine

CLAW on The Fight Magazine

The November 2023 issue of The Fight is the LA Leather Getaway issue, including the front cover and 20+ pages of content inside, including the entire event schedule.

The Fight is the LGBTQ monthly magazine for Southern California: 25,000 copies/issue printed; 112,000 readers/month; distributed at 100+ gay and gay/friendly businesses.

Regular Price: $1500-$1800 (rack rate: $2718)
CLAW/Leather Getaway Very Special Rate (November issue only): $800

Advance Purchase Price for Master/Sustaining Sponsors: $750

Select "Invoice me for Full Page Ad in The Fight Magazine ($750)" and we will contact you regarding ad and payment.

Site and Event Policies

CLAW has a 0% tolerance for illegal drugs at our event. If you think you might have a problem with crystal, heroin, cocaine or other party drugs, visit Partnership to End Addiction.