Saline Infusion - We Like Big Balls that We Cannot Hide!

Saturday 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Topic area: Sex / Saline Infusion
Men Only

This class will address saline infusion of the cock and balls, its risks, benefits and how to go about it safely. It will be presented as a medical kink fetish and not as a medical procedure although safety and cleanliness are paramount. My husband and his pack-mates will be participating and briefly speaking on their experiences and will then participate in a real-time scrotal saline infusion. For the purpose of brevity, at least two of them will be infused prior to the presentation, but all steps of the infusion will be conducted in real time on another member of their pack. (Think Julia Child - the soufflé is prepared and goes in oven number one and voila, the complete soufflé comes out of oven number 2.) I intend to supplement my presentation with printed handouts that will also be available on YAPP prior to CLAW.