Power-Exchange Relationships: Separating the reality from the fantasy

TBD 06:00 PM - 12:00AM

Room: To be announced
Topic area: Power Exchange

This class is a basic introduction to the world of power-exchange, authority-based relationships within our Leather and BDSM culture. Master Taíno addresses the huge difference between the fantasy often portrayed in videos, porno and fiction books and magazines, as well as "50 shades of Gray" to the reality of living these powerful and unique alternative relationships.
The presentation offers attendees the wide range of options that newcomers to the power exchange relationships have. That includes the likes of Daddy/boy or girl, Dom/sub and Master/slave dynamics. We will discuss all the misconceptions and fears many people have to enter this type of relationships.
This discussion is excellent for Leather folks and BDSM practitioners who want to take their kink and BDSM practices beyond the bed and the dungeon and into everyday life by forming healthy power-exchange or authority-based relationships and not sure what it all entitles and how to get started. Questions encouraged.