Sounding: Sounds Like Fun!

Friday 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Topic area: SM / Sounding
Men Only

Do you want an orgasm that can last longer than a few seconds? Have you seen sounding scenes in videos and wondered what it felt like to have a metal rod in your cock?

In this class, we will give you sound advise on the male genital anatomy, urethral sound cleaning and sterilization techniques, proper ways to enjoy sounds, and ways to enhance sounding with e-stim and vibration. Since this is an introductory lesson, we will offer an opportunity to engage in sound play under the supervision of the instructor. Therefore, please bring your own sterilized sounds, if possible. If you do not have sterile sounds, we will have a limited supply on hand. You do not need to have a Top/bottom combo; self-sounding can be fun too! I look forward to seeing you! The class is being taught by a registered nurse.