A Doctor's Guide To Healthy Pup Play

Sunday 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Topic area: Fetish Affinities / Pup Play

Human pup play is a popular fetish that spans many aspects of kink. BDSM, role play, the physicality of gymnastics, and the intimate sexuality, animal role-play presents unique demands on health. Pup works minds and bodies in unique ways, as such, it's important to understand the impacts this fetish can have. In this session, Dr. George will share his medical skills from a kink perspective. All aspects of health will be shared well beyond the standard "get an STI screening" by Drs with no connection or understanding of fetish. Covered are essentials such as finding a kink-friendly doctor, sexual health as applied to fetish, safe use of toys, kinesthetics, mental health, and medications. Other aspects will include ways to reduce injury risks, preparing for play and accidents if they occur. Dr. George is happy to answer all questions. Unfettered access to a kink doctor is rare. Your chance to learn with an international expert. Come, learn and get the most in your fetish play.