Sleepsacks and Plastic Wrap

Friday 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM

Topic area: Bondage / Mummification
Men Only

In this workshop you will see a few different sleep sacks and be encouraged to try them out as a TOP or bottom. We will discuss what to do with the subject as he is in the sleep sack. We will also discuss important questions to discuss with the bottom before actually going into a sleep sack, which would include medical information needed to reduced risk of medical and or psychological damage. We will be showing off a few different leather sleep sacks, neoprene, and stretch material sleep sack. After a discussion of those, we will play and have others try out plastic wrap mummification. Please come prepared for fun and excitement. We will have some plastic wrap, duct tape, however, please bring some to share. This will be a show and tell and others will be strongly encouraged to share stories. We will have some fun kinky items for others to use on the bottoms.