Bringing Harmony back to Disharmony

TBD 06:00 PM - 12:00AM

Room: To be announced
Topic area: Power Exchange

Bringing Harmony back to Disharmony- Masters and slaves never argue or fight, the Master is always right, and the slave is happy 100% of the time to concede to the Master's wishes. Right? Well, that is what fiction books tell us. But we all know real life is not quite as perfect as the fiction tales, almost, but not quite. Being in a relationship means there will be times of disharmony, disagreements and times when you are not even on the same page. So, what do you do about it? Let's talk about what causes disharmony, how to recognize it, how to have fair discussions and ways to get back into step and in harmony with your partner. Bring your experiences, ideas, and suggestions to share.