Naked Yoga

TBD 06:00 PM - 12:00AM

Room: To be announced
Topic area: Health

Yoga remains a time-tested modality to exercise your body and spirit in a practice of continual personal improvement. Improving strength, balance, flexibility, and spiritual harmony in a structured, communal practice is a hallmark of this work out. It is very much aligned with the BDSM/Kink lifestyle and we'll make reference to this in the class. We will use a fairly technical style that includes form narration, a significant stretch and workout, and a bit of massage and aroma therapy (you can skip) with essential oils for savasana (end meditation). Expect lots of stretching through strenuous moves.

Beginners through experienced are encouraged to attend and take it at your own pace or add additional strength moves as needed. This class will be about 60 minutes of yoga and 15 mins final savasana, meditation, aroma therapy. Please come to class with good hygiene and thoroughly cleaned where it counts.