We Survived IPV: Lessons from the Trenches

Saturday 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Topic area: Health / Relationships
This workshop will cover how Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) affects our Leather Communities. Many of us have experienced or have loved ones who have experienced IPV in our power exchange relationships. We will start by briefly discussing the difference between IPV and healthy BDSM. From there we will have an opportunity to share some stories and what we’ve learned. We will also learn ways to identify and address IPV in our local communities. The format will be both education and discussion based. We welcome all CLAW attendees but we specifically hope to draw two audiences. First and foremost, we hope that IPV survivors will come to help us deepen our understanding of “how we made it out alive.” Just as importantly we hope that community leaders will attend to empower them to identify and address IPV locally.