What It's Like to Be Gay, Kinky ... and Asian

TBD 06:00 PM - 12:00AM

Room: To be announced
Topic area: Community

gay Asian men experience heightened racism in the gay and kink communities, whether it is at fetish events, on dating apps (as demonstrated recently by both Tinder and Grindr), in gay spaces, in hookup environments, or in public society. Asians are routinely victims of racist remarks and actions at kink events around the world as well as offensive statements and highly damaging rejections in dating apps, including the notorious "no rice, no spice, no Asians."

In this deeply personal and intimate class, join three community leaders of Asian heritage who identify as gay men -- Pawlish (International Mr. Bootblack 2017), Pup Yoshi (Mr. Eagle 562 Leather 2018), and Preston "wexx" So (Mr. International Rubber 2017) -- for a frank discussion about the issues that gay Asian men continue to face. We'll talk about why many Asians we know have left the kink community and what we can do as community members to bring them back and foster a welcoming environment for all people of Asian heritage.