Fire Play

Friday 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM

Topic area: SM / Fire

Fire's Hot 101 (Introduction to Fire Play)

Fire! The world's most ancient point of fear and intrigue. Our human nature dictates both, and that's why its appeal and utilization in kink is one of the most potentially powerful skills one can hold in their arsenal!
But it is also an intimidating skill. You need the right knowledge; the right equipment; and a very particular environment for you to indulge in this type of play. Hence why so many are cautious and slow getting into this dynamic style of sensory play that toys with our most primal of fears and apprehensions.

This class is an introductory class for those passionate about looking past the visual flash and flare of fire play so they can safely find the basic skills to get into fire massage and cupping.

With a little bit of safety education, training and practice, we will seek to turn this intimidating type of play into some of the safest, sexiest, and most sensual play one can experience.