Submissive Sissy Play and Hypnosis

Friday 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM

Topic area: Fetish Affinities / Roleplay

The Progression of bringing out your inner Sissy. From a regular guy to a pantie wearing slut

Why do I like being a Sissy so much? What is it about this submission that gets me so horny? Why is there an explosion of guys interested in Sissy play? Why are there more straight or bi-identified Sissy's? What is a general profile of these men?

Understanding the difference between a Sissy sexual fetish and how you are identifying as a person in your day to day life. Going from the secretly curious, to sneaking wearing panties (your wife or girlfriend's panties, or buying some at the store, to telling her or him about your desires, or when she or he finds out).

Starting out: Watching sissy porn and getting so horny, begin to take pics and entertain the idea of meeting a Domme/Dom or Daddy. Moving from wearing panties and watching sissy porn to contacting a Domme or Dom or Daddy or Mommy. How to move past the nervousness before meeting. Taking that step that inside you know you can.