Flogging: Scene Flogging

Friday 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM

Topic area: SM / Impact - Flogging

Flogging workshops will often cover the mechanical basics of the skill, but rarely do they delve into the deeper realm of flogging as a more personal "scene". What happens when we take our floggers home from the bars and workshops and into more private settings, a more intimate feel and allow a deeper headspace than can be achieved in a public space?. In this class, we'll examine some of the techniques of focused flogging as a more intimate scene. What makes this form of flogging different? How are our headspaces altered for both the dom, as well as the submissive? I will encourage a group discussion where you are welcome to share your thoughts and experiences as well as being presented with a few ideas you may not have considered. Due to a shoulder injury last year the presenter was unable to demo techniques...this year...come see!!