Impact Play: When You Don't Have Your Toy Box

Sunday 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Topic area: SM / Impact - Body Contact

The two most important toys are the ones you bring with you everywhere - your hands. Toys are lots of fun, but play opportunities sometimes happen when we aren't expecting them or when we can't readily get to our toys. Yet, you need to make that play happen. So, what to do? Be creative with those hands. There are many different ways the hands can be used to hit the body and its various parts. The intensity can go from delicate to mild to extreme. We will explore a variety of ways to use the hands (and arms and other body parts) for impact play. We may also explore using the hands to inflict gentle sensations to intense pain beyond the realm of impact. This is a hands-on workshop, in which participants will experience impact from both sides. Bring a partner or find one there.