Skills & Education Presenter

Pup Umbra

Pup Umbra is a leather pup/cub/switch originally from Louisville, KY. He made Cincinnati home with his partner, Daddy J.W., after graduating from Berea College in 2002. He is currently the Secretary of Scorpius of Southwest Ohio and has been a member for over 10 years. He has been tallymaster for several regional contests, including Tri-State Leather/Rubber/Pup, Mr. Bluegrass Leather, and Ohio Valley Regional Drummer. Umbra is a member of Pack Non Grata, an all-inclusive group of pups, handlers and trainers providing resources and support for anyone who has felt left out. Pack Non Grata includes non-binary, trans, female, POC and cis pups, handlers and trainers trying to build a bigger dog house for everyone! Umbra is also known for being co-host of the "Cubs Out Loud", the bear podcast of indeterminate length. Umbra is happy to be a part of the leather and pup communities and for the friends and family he has made with them.