Skills & Education Presenter

Daddy Rob

"Today's unspeakable perversion is tomorrows kink, is next week's good clean fun." Dan Savage

I am a kink friendly licensed therapist and I have been exploring the world of kink for over ten years now. My experiences have opened my world up to the incredible expressions of sexuality and gender. I have a human pup who is collared and I have a number of dedicated Sissy's and subs who call me Daddy.

Throughout my experiences in work and play I have learned so much about myself and other men. Our sexual expression in whatever form is another way that we express our maleness. For me it is about celebrating these qualities and sharing this with other consenting adults.

As a therapist I can see how the different levels of kink play in some cases help to heal wounding, and in other cases kink play reenacts old wounding, or sadly, creates new emotional wounds. Events such as CLAW help to elevate and educate all of us in how to be respectful of ourselves and others in our kink play.

With Sissy play in particular I have seen the alpha male behind closed doors become the prissy submissive, and the beta male become the dominant. It really is fascinating for me to meet other like minded men and to not only get to know how they get their kink on, but also how I am enriched by knowing there are so many shades of male expression.

My motto is go and have fun and explore and leave with a greater love and respect for YOUrself.