Skills & Education Presenter

Pat Hensley

Patrick has been an educator for over 30 years, and a chastity advocate for over 15. He created his blog in 2018 to help teach others how to explore and enjoy chastity as a kink lifestyle, and how to help others avoid common mistakes when selecting and employing chastity devices. He's caged hundreds of men all over the world, and he maintains a large private online support group for the men he's mentored. He teaches 3 elements for successful chastity: 1) properly selected cage; 2) carefully developed chastity plan; and 3) ongoing support thru networking with others in chastity. He encourages men to use cages as tools to improve their health, increase their libido and submissive nature, and to enhance anal performance and pleasure. He teaches self locking strategies and remote keyholding methods.

In addition to chastity, Patrick is an active kink Coach, holding bondage and fisting sessions wherever he travels, all over the world.