Skills & Education Presenter

Master Dart

Master Dart's interest in leather and BDSM play can be traced as far back as his early childhood years, citing a huge fascination with what was being done to Robin on the Batman television series...and to the furry cowboys on Gunsmoke. When other boys were caught with porn magazines under their beds...Dart was caught with a roll of duct tape. Since then he has developed an immense passion for rope bondage, not to mention the men he likes to tie up with it. Dart began his leather journey as a collared boy and gradually developed into the dominant he is today. He believes in the importance of "balance" when exploring one's dominant and submissive side in play, and that great benefit can come from experiencing both elements. Master Dart's kinky interests in addition to rope bondage include puppy play and training, chest and gut punching, fireplay and bullwhips. He has been an active leatherman for over 27 years and during that time has learned the importance of maintaining a sense of self and a sense of honor in order to evolve as the community does. He believes the most important component of leather is in the play, as that is where we grow beyond our perceived limitations. He's a guest instructor for Midori's weekend Rope Dojo, and among the cities, organizations and events Dart has presented in include sitting on the educational board for Mr. Leatherman Toronto, Fetish Week London, the Amsterdam Kink Academy, GEARED Ireland, and the BDSM HunCon in Budapest.