Skills & Education Presenter

Sir Rob Davidson

Sir Rob lives in Chicago and has been involved in the Leather community for nearly three decades. He began his Leather journey in Seattle in the early 90's under the guidance of Leather Daddy Dave Lewis. Besides Daddy Dave, he has been honored to learn from many amazing community elders. He has been a member of the renowned Chicago Hellfire Club since 2003; he has served on the board on-and-off for many years, including being the current Membership Chair. He has also served the community as a titleholder - Seattle Daddy's Boy '91, Illinois Leather Sir 2007, Great Lakes Leather Sir 2008, and first runner-up for International Leather Sir in 2008. He has taught at events such as Southwest Leather Fest, Leathermen's Academy, Thunder in the Mountains, CHC, and CLAW. His favorite activities are impact play (of all sorts, but especially punching), temporary piercings, fisting, nipple torture, cock/ball torture, breath control, and Sir/boy dynamics. He loves and savors those moments in play when everything else fades except the person he is playing with and the connection they have established. He is delighted to be teaching at CLAW with his partner of over 8 years, Beau Geste.