Skills & Education Presenter

Michael DarkRam

Michael Dark Ram Bio

Michael Darkram is a Bi Leatherman, Kink Performer, Artist, and Musician. He's been an active Kinkster since 2009. He is the founder/leader of South Virginia's kink group Edge House, He is also President of SVA-PAH (Southeast Pups & Handlers) An active member of the Knighthawks of Virginia. He has worked tirelessly in his community with the goal of promoting safe, edgier play while standing on his passionate platform of PRK (Personal Responsibility Kink). He specializes in Fire Play & Needle play among other edgier and 'taboo' forms of kink.
In his formative years as kinkster, Michael observed himself and his peers being ostracized for being engaged in our lifestyle. He made it a personal goal to inspire, educate and arouse those would-be naysayers to elicit positive dialogue and acceptance within our own communities and ultimately the vanilla masses.
He has presented at multiple events and festivals including CLAW 19, SEBB, HUNCON, and Hampton Roads Kinkfest 18 & 19.
As an aside to his community activities, Michael shares his path with his leather family: Master Dart (his Mentor), Sir Bart, Master Zack (Founding Headmaster of Kansas City Leather University, Sir Markus owner of Leather Masters and founder of H.O.M.E in Dallas). Johnny Benjamin Mr. World Bear 2018 and his husband Tony Conrad Mr. Va Cub 2019.