Skills & Education Presenter

Sir Erik

Sir Erik is a lifestyle leatherman from Northern Virginia. He is married and owns two leather boys, boy Neville and boy Colt. Recently capped, he has built a leather family in the area based on the philosophy that leather is more than just sex, it is about mutual respect and support.

His life with BDSM started more than 20 years ago. Like many, he started out as a submissive and grew into a leather Sir. His experience in leather began in the 1990s after the decimation of the community due to HIV. Without more experienced leathermen to learn from he was largely self-taught. Not wanting the next generation of leathermen to have the same experience, he has assumed an obligation to teach and train interested boys in his area about BDSM and leather.

Sir Erik has successfully introduced 11 new subs to BDSM, two of which have even gone on to introduce their own subs to BDSM. In addition, he has helped countless other subs, safely introducing them to new kinks, mentoring them, and helping them find their own Sirs.

Personally, Sir Erik has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, owns his own software engineering business, and is an amateur chef and mixologist. He regularly hosts dinner parties where leather Sirs, boys, and pups gather for community, fun evenings, and a lot of good food.

Sir Erik can be found on twitter @LeatherSirErik.