Skills & Education Presenter


Ursus identifies as many things: polyamorous, pansexual, switch, furry, dog, transformation enthusiast, a gear fetishist, and an all-around kinky animal. He has been around the leather/BDSM/kink communities for nearly a decade as a member of the Bucks MC, and is currently serving his 5th term as Vice President of the club. Ursus has had the honor of helping organize one of the East coast's largest and longest-running leather charity fundraisers (The Bucks MC's Santa Saturday, now in its 46th year). As a member of his kink family, the Luna Grove Pack, Ursus has helped host pup moshes at Mr. & Ms. NJ Leather, Santa Saturday, the Baltimore Eagle and MAL. He has written articles for and is a member of the cast of the Cerberus Effect, a Human Pup play YouTube series.
He has also hosted human pup panels/classes at Santa Saturday, Furrydelphia and the Baltimore Eagle, helped teach the first Saline 101 class at CLAW '18, and is one of the co-founders of PHLthy Pups, Philadelphia's monthly pup night.

His interest in saline infusion stemmed from his packmate, Ranger along with Ranger's husband, Cubba (who are his co-presenters of CLAW's Saline 101 panel). The pack is proud to help spread knowledge about this unusual but intriguing fetish.