Skills & Education Presenter

Jordan Bonner

Jordan Bonner, originally from Michigan, began studying self-defense and martial arts in Fall 2014. By Winter 2015 he had become a pupil of Jalal Dallo, owner of Dallo Martial Arts in Southfield, Michigan. Here, he studied several martial arts including: Western Boxing, Wing Chun Gung Fu, and Muay Thai. He has gained proficiency with various Southeast Asian weaponry disciplines, including Filipino Kali and Silat.

Through four years of training under Sifu Dallo and additional tutelage under such masters as Dan Inosanto and Francis Fong, he has been able to explore the methods of over a dozen martial arts and identify those common elements that are most practical to the personal defensive needs of most civilians.

As an openly gay man it is his goal to act as an ambassador between the schools of practical self-defense and the queer community to promote a safer world for all minority groups through education and empowerment.