Skills & Education Presenter

Doc Hoskins

"Doc" Hoskins Jr. is a Founding Father of ONYX New York / Northeast and helped guided the chapter to a self-sustaining entity. During that time he became the Leatherman of Color for 2007. After residing as a member of NY's Leather Pride Night he stepped down only to take on the responsibility of being a Folsom Street East board member as they ushered in a new era. As a member of Mama's family he is her Boxer Daddy and has helped to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. He has and continues to participate in a multitude of fund raising events for the LGBT community at large, C.L.A.W. - Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend, FDNY Charity Boxing events and wherever his volunteer services can be most useful around the country. He is currently the Co-Producer of the Leatherman of Color contest and a recipient of the Mufasa Lion's award.
A computer technician by trade he's also an active Master's Division boxer and captain of the Masters team at his gym. Author of THE PUGILIST: Erotic Boxing Adventures. In February of 2015, Doc becaming DNA's 1st Drummer of North America. In April of 2015, Doc released a follow up novel, titled: THE PUGILIST: Other Erotic Boxing Tales. Over that summer he became the 1st of Gleason's International Master's Boxing Champions and Grand winner of the NY Boxing Tournament in the 178 lb Master's division. In 2018 at the age of 49 he became NYC's first 178 lbs Masters Ring Master (Golden Gloves) Champion.