Skills & Education Presenter


Greetings! I'm DaddyCubba and currently an ER nurse in Reading, PA. Previously I worked for 20 years for the airlines (PanAm) and a related corporate travel role with American Express. Through my life I've also been a life guard and a park ranger. Nursing is my mid-life change of career and I couldn't be happier. Raised in a Navy family that relocated frequently through much of my life, the leather community comes naturally to me since I enjoy structure and discipline. I have a terrific husband, Ranger, who will assisting with my presentation. I am also a collared boy to my Sir David Setzman.

This will be my 3rd year participating in CLAW and my second year presenting the Saline Infusion workshop. I hope that all who join will have a better understanding of the saline infusion process, the benefits and the associated risks.