Skills & Education Presenter

Papa Woof

Papa Woof as he is known by those close to him, has been active in the community since the early 80's. Growing up in Dayton OH, then moving to Houston TX and finally landing in Saint Louis in 1999 where he took his activity in the community to all new levels. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle and takes his love for biking to the level of being a motorcycle medic in the Rescue Riders & Road Guardians Motorcycle Groups. He also runs the Mephit Fur Meet, a Furry Science Fiction Convention in Memphis TN Labor Day weekend.
Puppy Boo is a new comer in the community joining Papa Woof in Saint Louis in 2010. He is a true "service pup" and make sure things are always looked after and Papa always has his coffee. His favorite pastime as a puppy is playing fetch

Papa Woof and his husband and pup Boo are the happy parents of 4 monster dogs and were part of the management team at the Bad Dog Bar & Grill in Saint Louis, MO and now Executive Chef Consultant for other restaurants.. He and Boo are the founders of the Saint Louis Puppy Patrol, Midwest Pup & Handlers group and The Midwest Puppy Contest, a 15 state regional puppy contest for those who are puppy and pet at heart. Papa Woof was also the Co-Owner/Co-Producer of the International Puppy Contest in Saint Louis, MO until 2016