Skills & Education Presenter

boy CJ

boy CJ is an active member of the leather and M/s community as a service provider, presenter, judge, tally boy, organizer, mentor, and group leader. CJ has been presenting on M/s relationship, play, and leather topics for over 18 years across the country; from Alaska to Florida, New York to Oregon. Boy CJ enjoys teaching and providing service at both large national events and small events. He has given intensive weekends in Alaska, Missouri, Virginia, Maryland, and Texas on topics such as Kinky Beginnings, Behavior Modification, Slaves, and Service.
For 10 years boy CJ was the majordomo of a 3-household leather family. CJ holds the title of 2011 Northeast slave. He also has been staff at the Washington DC dungeon The Crucible, and he is an alumnus of Master Taino's slave Academy. In addition to lifestyle activities and events, boy CJ enjoys agility work with his border collie, SCUBA diving, camping, and any hands-on building project. Growing up a tomboy, CJ has always identified as a bio-female with masculine energy he identifies as a tomboy/Leatherboy. CJ currently lives in Washington DC with two bears in his leather family, his dog Tekka, and cat Waffle. His is in a Sir/boy relationship and in service to Sir Cougar, a butch leatherdyke in Texas.