Skills & Education Presenter

Kevin Laskowski

Kevin Laskowski is a certified RYS 200 YOGA instructor completing his teaching credentials in 2015. He presented All Men's Nude Yoga at CLAW last year.
He has been teaching yoga in Cincinnati Ohio area for the past five (5) years with the last three (3) focused on Men's Nude Yoga. Kevin teaches 2 all men's nude yoga classes weekly in Cincinnati with a new class in Columbus Ohio starting Mid-November. As a teacher, his focus is on the physical practice, the classes are geared to enhance Flexibility and Body Balance, as well as, to incorporate breath and community building. His students leave class getting a great workout, a deep stretch, and finding community where they might not have been expecting it. For a lot of us, yoga goes beyond being just an exercise and starts to become a community. All Men's nude Yoga allows men to set aside their clothes and self-image to explore a more intimate connection with their body and mind. If you want to build confidence, awareness and brotherhood this is the right group for you.

Kevin is also an active member in the Cincinnati Leather Community and can be found most Spring/Summer holiday weekends at Camp Buckwood.