Skills & Education Presenter

Bob Joel

I entered the leather world in the mid 70's and have belonged to several leather clubs including The Shipmates of Baltimore, Delta International, PSLOD and CA. B&B Corps. I started out as a bit of an exhibitionist always having trouble keeping my zipper or fly buttons closed which continues to this day. After all what guy hasn't found himself in public with his fly open?

I also like making some bets or dares which puts my crotch at risk. One night after I dared a guy to drop his jeans in public, which he did, he asked what he got in return. Without thinking about it too much I told him he could smack me in my nuts, which he did after he pulled his jeans back up. The first swing wasn't very hard and I encouraged him to be more forceful with a second hit. The immediate result was that I got hard. Later on thinking about what had happened I realized that I had been watching guys on line in the military or at work find ways to hit each other in the crotch sometimes without warning, and thought it to be hot. I decided to find ways to explore this.