Skills & Education Presenter

boy doriam

boy doriam lives with his Master and Daddy in San Diego, CA and is a full-time college student by day, and a full-time college student by night (college is hard!). He's been active in the San Diego community since 2015 and held the city title in 2018, being fortunate to travel doing what he loves as an educator and teaching at several conferences across the country. As a boy, doriam is happiest sitting at his Master's side taking ash from His cigar and being a useful potty-mouthed urinal for His convenience; and as a player, doriam enjoys making other submissive men and women as useful to him, his Master, and his Daddy as humanly possible. A switch by nature, the boy flags just about everything on one side or the other and teaches his favorites as often as humanly possible!

If you see doriam roaming around, say hi! He doesn't bite (unless you're flagging houndstooth) and is happy to have a conversation, permission allowing.