Skills & Education Presenter


Slade Travis was born in Canton, Mississippi but moved to Chicago in 2007. An avid rope guy, he was trained at The Gate in Tokyo and has honed his skill along with adding pressure point play, knockout play, flogging and many others over his 10+ years in the community. He is a former Mr. Fetish Jackhammer 2016 and work as the Party and Bar coordinate for CLAW. He has served as emcee for numerous contests and events, was the President of the Windy City Bondage Club (WCBC), Teacher for Titans of the Midwest, as well for CLAW. He helps as the Leather Advisor to the Windy City Imperial Court, and host fundraiser for local charities including POZ pets, PAWS, and Felines & Canines.

He enjoys teaching and has presented all over the US in classrooms, demo, online instruction, and one on one. He is the BOSS to a large group of boys, pups, daddies, cubs, & bears, so overall he's a slut. He is also in a relationship with his partner, Tj Howard.
Slade believes that in exploring the darker side of kink that you can truly find yourself and push the limits to new possibilities that the kink world has to offer.