Skills & Education Presenter

Daddy John

Fetlife: Frostydaddy

Hi there! I first became interested in kink 7 years ago, but it took me 3 years to become active and really start trying to meet other people in the community. What started as an innocent attraction to diapers quickly blossomed into a deep exploration of ageplay and ABDL. I went from just wanting to wear and play with others in diapers, to realizing I like nothing more than putting someone else in them.
About 4 years ago was when I first started getting together with others to interact and engage in the community. I soon realized that I have a natural affinity towards being a caretaker/control/nurture dom. This is what ultimately led me to my role as a Daddy in the ageplay community. Taking control away from others is an expression of love and care for me, not just a primal instinct to reign over others. I use that control to help littles improve themselves and grow to be better people not only in kink, but in their every day lives.
Over this time period, I have grown a small kink family of 3 littles that I love with all of my heart. I do not limit their time with me to scenes every once in a while. Part of being a daddy to me means being available whenever they need me.
I am also active and enjoy gaining more experience in other control dom headspaces, especially as a handler. I am always trying to gain new experiences and meet new people in all kinds of kink!