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I have been active in the kink community for a little over a decade. My interests in kink started with ABDL and I was exclusively a little/age player for about six years. I have only just recently, in the last four years or so, come into my other kinky head spaces. I discovered that I had a puppy side, I'm a fem boy and that I love impact play/spanking. I finally found my daddy and kink family this past year! We love and support each other in our lifestyle explorations. While my kinky origin story is firmly rooted in age play, I have a definite Alpha Pup/Dom/Big Bro side that likes to come out and play. I am a teacher at heart and a lifelong learner. I have three little bros in the community whom I love and mentor. They teach me something new about myself everyday. Over the last four years, I have been hosting educational impact sessions at the ABDL conventions. It is through education that we contribute to a safe and loving community.