Skills & Education Presenter

Sir Rick

Sir Rick, originally from the Mid Atlantic area, moved to Provincetown, MA where he lives happily with his devoted partner boy Stephen.

He holds 2 titles; Mr. Hillside Leather 2005 and NorthEast LeatherSIR 2011. He is also produces the Mr. Providence Eagle contest, is a Mama's Family member and community mentor.

His BDSM experiences started in the early 1980's and continued into the 1990's as friends/mentors guided his growth as a Dom in the Old Guard ways.

He is committed to education and training within the Kink/BDSM communities, working to open dialogue of new interests and teach new tops and bottoms safety and great technique.

Sir has been a Top fister on and off since 2005 and a fist bottom since 2014. He has had more than 1000 fisting sessions as a top or bottom and has trained over 3 dozen new fist tops in the last 2 years.

He is committed to bringing the joy of fisting to those who seek the intense pleasures and intimate connections that fisting can provideT