Skills & Education Presenter

Pup Jackson

I am Pup Jackson. 28 year old Slave/Pup/little/gimp. In recent years I have started coming out about my ABDL side, educating and hosting events to help the community better understand what it is an bw more accepting of it. Within kink I strive to be inclusive and accepting of everyone and learning about all the different view points I am very active on the community at events and through social media.i hope to expand that education at claw 2018 with a intro to ABDL class, followed by a panel discussion, and wrap it up with a ABDL party. I hosted the diaper party last year and had nearly 100 people in attendance and that was only with a month of planning, hoping this year with my team of 5 we will be able to increase that number by double as I've been spreading the word about last year and so many ABDL people have expressed interest in attending.