Skills & Education Presenter


I began my kink exploration in the early 1990's by frequenting The Stage Door in Dayton, Ohio. I became a member of the Dayton Gryphons soon after seeing a few demonstrations. My (then) partner and I joined also joined Ursus of Dayton sometime afterwards. Our interests took us to Columbus, Ohio in the mid 1990's as the Dayton bar and club scene changed. We both joined Trident International Columbus where we both served as officers. We enjoyed Tradewinds II and Eagle in Exile as well as other establishments while continuing to serve and support the general gay community. We developed a few new kinks and some lifelong friendships. Eagle in Exile was a great space to explore kink!

I continued serving the community as an officer in Trident International Columbus, Ohio (new name, new attitude). It brought purpose and excitement. I was the co-chairman that brought the American Uniform Association's annual Review to Columbus, Ohio in 2000. I did leave the Trident organization scene for a short while in the early 2010's but didn't stop supporting the community. I did so by attending bar nights and other kink related events. I rejoined Trident approximately 4 years ago after my 'recharge' period. I am honored to continue to serve the organization as secretary and being part of events focused on other kinks.

My own kinks involve the 'bigger' ones of leather, latex/neoprene/rubber, boots, bondage, and uniforms. The 'lesser' ones include ws, tt, cbt, rope, and fisting.