Skills & Education Presenter


Edge is a sober author, artist, mentor, teacher, and hard core player from Florida with nearly 30 years of experience in the scene. His erotic stories have appeared in print, online, and in anthologies and he has given presentations for GMSMA, Leatherfest, TES, TNG3, Black Rose, TES's Queer SIG, TES Fest, Leather Retreat, Thunder in the Mountains, South Plains Leatherfest, International Ms. Leather, Beyond Leather, Lupercalia, and the Southeast Erotic Cultural Conference. Currently he teaches regularly for Leatherwerks in his home town of Fort Lauderdale. He is perhaps best remembered for his former website,, a collection of links, essays, and kinky resources, since memorialized in the electronic collection, The Book of Edge. He maintains an embarrassingly large social media presence, primarily on Tumblr, and is a part time amateur model. As his name and online moniker would suggest, he enjoys a wide range of edge play activities, from breath control to weaponsex to anesthesia and knockout play, though he also has a passion for stogie scenes, clean classic Japanese hemp rope bondage, and prolonged, intimate inner thigh beatings. Edge is currently joyfully partnered with the man he hopes to spend the rest of his life and the rest of his leather journey with, Eric. Photo by Emerson Aniceto.