Skills & Education Presenter

Woody Woodruff

Woody Woodruff was born in Beaverton, a small farming town in Mid-Michigan, but like so many IML before him, he now chooses to call Chicago home, where he works as a Senior Executive in Marketing.
It may not be a surprise to learn that his very first experience with leather, kink, or for that matter anything gay, happened by his taking a wrong turn landing him on stage where he won "The Battle of the Bulge", a contest near and dear to many at The Ram Rod, Ft Lauderdale. Coincidentally, the legendary artist & activist Ira Smith was there, and was the first leather man Woody ever met.
Woody holds the titles of Mr. Campit Cub 2011, Mr. Liberty Leather 2011, Mr. Michigan Leather 2012, and International Mr. Leather #34 in 2012.  While Woody continues to have a growing list of charity, education, and both vocal and physical performance accomplishments since IML, he feels that all too often we get so caught up in what we believe in or what we have accomplished, that we forget to step back, ask, and truly understand what is most important to others.
He says, "I have those things that are special to me, but we cannot forget that our communities are bigger than us, their bigger than leather, and they are bigger than just gay! Local community members know best what they want, and what their communities need. I want to know how I can help YOU, not me!"
Woody is proud to be presenting and attending his 11th CLAW this year, and he is still on the lookout for the biggest bulge.