Skills & Education Presenter

Mark O’Keefe aka WhipFather

My journey in this life style started when I was seven and had my first whip.  I had no indication of what that would turn into later in life.  When I tied up my boyfriend in 1985 and was 20 then, I began to have a little bit of suspicion.  Although there were hints of SM throughout my life, I did not act on them.  I stayed on the fringes of leather for a long time before deciding it was the life I really wanted.  I watched, listened and learned.  
1988 Clean and Sober
Joined Knights on Iron, Treasurer
1992 National Leather Association (NLA), San Diego, LeatherFest 4, Motor Cycle Run volunteer
1993 NLA, San Diego, LeatherFest 5, Co-Chair
Sobriety and Miracles (SMNAA) Clean and Sober SM meeting, co-created
NLA, San Diego, Board Co-Chair
1994 Hot Ash San Diego Co-Founder
LeatherFest VI, Co-Chair
NLA, San Diego, Board Co-Chair
Leather Realm (SD Pride) The 1st.  Sensitivity Training, Workshops Whips and Flogging
1995 LeatherFest VII CO-Chair
Club X (formally NLA SD), San Diego, Board Co-Chair
1996 LeatherFest 8 Treasurer and Registration
1997 Mr. San Diego Leather
Leather Ministries for MMC, member
Leather Prince for Life, Imperial Court San Diego
Men's Events Chair for IMsL in San Diego
1998 LeatherFest 10, Co-Chair
2004 Leather Realm, San Diego, Workshop Cooridnator
2005 Mr. San Diego Leather, Den Daddy
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence bestowed upon the title of Saint Mark
2007 Mr. and Ms. San Diego Leather, Tally Master and volunteer
2008 Lifetime Achieveme