Skills & Education Presenter

Pup Sirius

Current Title Holder Northeast PAH Puppy 2019 (NEPAH)

Pup Kindergarten : Learned initial Human Pup Play from Books, Woof, Bark, and Grrr!
Additional Obedience Classes : Puppy for the Outsider,Pup Safety, Puppy 101, Pup Play Events, Puppy Headspace (All from CLAW 18)
As a Pup, I find that we all have interesting stories and backgrounds, and I love to hear them all. I am a very social pup who loves to travel and sniff around meeting all the new pups
I find Headspace to be the center of my pup life. No matter how you use Pup in your life, finding your way into headspace can only enhance what you are using it for. Many pups tell me that they have never been in true headspace. I have been able to change that for them and have them achieve the true inner self that comes with getting into pup headspace. I have worked with many other pups to help find what allows them to finally achieve this.
I have compiled this and working with a Yoga trainer and other pups in the community, I have been sharing this experience with other pups helping them achieve reaching their inner pup's headspace.