Skills & Education Presenter

BoyPup Fenrir

BoyPup Fenrir is a Trans. Male.
BoyPup Fenrir was collared into the Paramoure family on September 14,2018 to Sir Derryk Paramoure as his personal Boy/Pup in training. He is a huge advocate for other trans. Men in and out of scene. He started to explore what being a leather Boy meant to him about 2 years ago and pup 7. Most of his kink experiences have been with and under Sir Paramoure and the House of Paramoure. As he is learning and exploring new avenues of kink/fetishes on a regular basis, it is helping him thrive and grow inter personally and as a Boy and a Pup. He has explored, breath play, minor electric play, extreme and moderate bondage, isolation, private humiliation play, being of service in and out of scene, proper protocol and Boy behavior in and out of public scene, boot blacking, and many other things. His aspirations include but are not limited to; becoming his Sir's fisting bottom, knife play, blood play and other extreme BDSM kink/fetishes. He has built a bond of infinite trust and love with his Sir and wants him to be the one with whom he explores these avenues with.
Michael is wanting to co-teach and demo for this class because, of the importance of education for those with any romantic and or sexual interest trans. Men or men within the trans. Community. He personally has experienced a lack of basic knowledge when it comes to trans. Men and the way they are approached and played with before and during sexual encounters.