Skills & Education Presenter

Sir Rick

Over nearly 30 years, Sir Rick has honed his skills as a BDSM top. His first foray into the fisting world was through his 2004 title boy, the boy who wanted to celebrate his title win by being fisted. Rick never having fisted before enjoyed the boy's coaching, watching the pleasure rack thru the boy's body. He proceeded in the fisting world off and on over the next 10 years culminating in unexpectedly taking his first fist during an encounter during IML 2014. Since that day Rick has been exploring his fisting bottom side and recommitted to being the best fisting top that he can be. Rick has progressed rapidly as a fisting bottom, having more than 600 sessions over the last 4 1/2 years. He has been training curious men as new fist tops. He has been active in answering any questions posed, and doing real-time training from both active and passive roles. He believes there is no greater feeling than that of allowing your inner pig out to experience mind bending full body orgasms and wants to impart that freedom to others.