Skills & Education Presenter

Daddy B

Daddy B is a 30-year-old Daddy Bear that has enjoyed the kink scene since he was thirteen years old. He started experimenting with feet play such as toe sucking, sole licking, sole biting, tickling, worshiping, and bondage with his neighbor; needless to say, the rest was history.
He enjoys pushing people's limits with their consent and seeing what new levels they can experience together. Some of Daddy B's other fetishes include bastinado (17 years' experience), knife play (4 years' experience), spanking (6 years' experience), fisting (13 years' experience), flogging (4 years' experience), and tickle torture (17 years' experience). He enjoys learning more about the leather/Kink community as well as being a role model for those entering the community that needs a little body-positivity!