Skills & Education Presenter

Daddy Richard

POC Track: Mental Health
Daddy Richard has been involved in leather/BDSM for about 40 years. He has been a mentor to innumerable Leathermen and boys, and a trusted friend to countless men and women in the leather community. He is a psychiatrist who has been involved with the group of kink-positive mental health professionals; he has treated many women and men in the leather community; he has helped young mental health professionals better address the concerns of clients involved with leather/BDSM; and he has consulted with various groups in an effort to secure the freedom of Leathermen and Leatherwomen to feel good about and enjoy their play in the most healthy way possible. He has also been a member of ONYX virtually since its inception; he is a Founding Father of ONYX New York/Northeast; and he has been otherwise engaged in helping men of color better define and understand their interest in leather/BDSM.