Skills & Education Presenter

Daddy Eric

Daddy Eric has been interesting medical play and body modifications for many years. Having previously done some work in the medical field, the interest in safety is of high importance. Eric has done 3 6 month self administered trials of chemical castration between 2003 and 2006. The 3rd test included introduction for estrogen for testing and experience.
While identifying as gay, he is non-sexual and preferred a lifestyle of no sexual experiences. In Nov of 2019 he had genital nullification surgery performed in a hospital in Columbus Ohio. His desire is to assist members of the kink and non-conforming community to understand the risks, benefits, safety, and long term ramifications of certain body modifications. Doms and subs are interested in and need to be aware of procedures such as orchiectomy, penectomy, and nullification surgeries and how they work with overall body image and satisfaction.
Since his nullification surgery and the incredible success and happiness it has afforded, he wishes to share procedures and ideas with those who desire such changes.
Eric is a self employed electronics systems technician and systems integrator. He puts technology together to make it work. He also possesses a commercial drivers license and cuts hair on Ohio and around the country independently and with the Bondage Barber.