Skills & Education Presenter

Pup Tibbers

Tibbers is a leather, rubber, muscle drone pup bear cub residing in Lakeland, FL and is a member of the Orlando Kinksters, Tampa Bay Puppy Pack, Orlando Pups & Handlers, Tampa Bay Leather & Kinksters, and the Tampa Gay Kink Academy. Tibbers holds 3 titles:

Mr. Kentucky Bourbon Bear 2016
Mr. North American Bear Cub 2017
Ohio Valley Regional Leather Pride Boy 2017

Most see an innocent, adorable muscle pup; little do they know he's kinky hellion with an expansive list of kinks and fetishes to share. His origin with the bear, leather, and kink/fetish communities began with media from artists such as Bill Cable and Tom of Finland. From muscle, leather, rubber, musk, boots, and cigars, this muscle drone enjoys educating and has always been interested in learning something new. Tibbers loves traveling and spreading his knowledge, and love in the community. A naturally warmhearted role model, he brings his own enchanting spark to any occasion. Continuing his travels and teaching what he's learned, wanting individuals to feel accepted regardless of their specific yums or walks of life that they come from.