Skills & Education Presenter

J. Tebias Perry

Leather Journey Overview:
J.Tebias Perry is a native of Atlanta, GA. He has been in and around leather since the early 2000's.
He is a proud member of the Southeast chapter of ONYX - a national leather and kink fraternity for gay and bisexual men of color - working in many capacities including as Road Captain 2013-2015.

J. Tebias' involvement with the Atlanta Leather community, and ONYX in particular, has helped him embrace his kinks. He is a confident, powerfully driven and honorable leatherman.

He is a former mentor and advisor to the Illuminati House of Ra and was a member of it's council. He was covered by Sir Mario of Ft. Lauderdale.

Competing at IML 2014, J. Tebias inspired the audience : "Don't be the problem, be the solution for a bigger and better leather community". This sentiment is still the motto he lives daily. He believes it is the duty of the community to take care of it's own; especially the homeless or those lacking the proper access to food or clothing.

J. Tebias founded "Rainbow of Colors"; with his (late) best friend: Emmanuel Baldwin in 1994 in Texas. Rainbow of Colors mission was to assist local citizens with HIV/AIDS. One fundraising highlight was a weekly dance space at Eighth Street Bar and Cafe in San Antonio.

As Mr. Hideaway Leather 2014, J. Tebias supported charities focused on LGBT youth and professional counseling, such as Lost and Found Youth of Atlanta, with public auctions and fundraising events. He has spearheaded several eve