Skills & Education Presenter

Romulan ONYX

Romulan Onyx has been a member of the leather community since 1996, when he became the first member of ONYX MIDWEST. He has held a myriad of positions on ONYX committees and the Board of Directors.
Last year, he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, necessitating surgery and ultimately causing mobility issues.
Since then, Romulan has had to adapt his leather journey to his new reality. Romulan has made new discoveries about himself and the world around him for the past year that made him stronger as a person and a Leatherman.
Romulan has been in a relationship with Mufasa Ali since 1996. They have 3 sons, Carter, Christian and Camran, and 1grandson, Theodore Alexander. They are/were dog dads to Max, Czar, Sheba, Sarabi, Moses, Kimba, and Thor.
Romulan would like to take this opportunity to thank his husband and sons and extended family for all of the support given during this past year. I couldn't have made it without you.